We want the blade to be able to function optimally and I won't be satisfied until it does


to work & SHARPENING

Sharpening is a skill that requires knowledge and experience.  Ten years of experience and yearly training classes are behind the work. Both traditional and innovative methods are applied.


Blades that excite me- are loved by their owner, used often, and owners are reluctant to part with. We sharpen your blades on the spot or within 24 hours, depending upon the complexity and number of blades to be sharpened 

The quality of the blade, whether expensive steel or ceramic or anything in between, does not matter.  if it isn't worth sharpening we'll let you know, and then teach you what to look for when you buy future scissors, clippers, knives, or blades. 

The work is done with love as this is my passion and my hobby and a little bit of what you might call WORK. 

Bring me ANYTHING that has a blade and I'll tell you if I am able to sharpen it. But,  we don't do ice skate blades or chain saw blades !

Why Choose Us

A sharpened blade should hold its edge, if used in a domestic application, for at least 6 months. For professional blades they may need more frequent touch-up.